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Our History

Hato Potrero Farm Inc. is a corporate entity created with the main objective of producing dairy products. For this reason, we have built a processing plant that allows us to combine our dairy products with the flavors of Latin America under strict sanitary conditions, quality and guidelines controlled by the FDA. Therefore, our processing plant produces top quality products superior to other processing plants. We employ top technicians and our exclusive and ingenious recipes will not be imitated or reproduced.

Another Unique Characteristic

that separates us from others in the industry

is that we use fresh Grade A cow milk. This milk is transported daily directly from the farms, put through our vigorous laboratory testing and pasteurization, making it available for immediate production. In the State of Florida there are not many processing plants with such characteristics. Most of them use reconstructed milk that even though is of good quality, does not allow them to reach our delicious and ingenious flavor.

Red fruits
Understanding the Industry

We have learned that the popularity for yogurt has grown and is now consumed in most parts of the world. Our product is high in calcium and contains plenty of vitamins and minerals including live cultures, B-12, riboflavin, potassium, magnesium, and zinc. Research suggests that the good friendly bacteria called probiotics, which is found in yogurt, may be useful in treating digestive tract problems. Dieticians recommend the daily consumption of yogurt to help maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Another one of our dairy products is cheese. Traditionally, cheese was made as a way of preserving the nutrients of milk. In a simple definition, cheese is the fresh or ripened product obtained after the coagulation and separation of milk, cream, partly skimmed milk, buttermilk, or a mixture of these products. It is essentially the product of a selective concentration of milk.

YoGusto Family keeps growing every year and now we are providing a new alternative to enjoy our delicious yogurt in a fruit yogurt bar and frozen yogurt. As part of our family we are including premium ice cream and tropical fruit juice in several flavors.

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